where am I 
what is this place 
I stand upon a mountain 
high above the earth 
warm mist surrounding me 
fragrant, glowing 
a light dimly seen 
beckons me 
the mist fades before me 
as I move forward 
my feet don’t touch the earth 
sunlight breaking through 
beautiful warm light 
swirling around me 
flung on azure breezes 
I stand upon the ocean 
frozen, translucent 
deep below the ice 
clouds forming 
moving, changing 
in a deep blue sky 
music rains upon me 
from high above 
I embrace the rain 
and she kisses me 
she smells like the earth 
like jasmine and lavender   
a gentle wind of sound 
blows through me 
voices chanting 
unknown words 
carry me far away 
beyond the stars 
to a new place 
full of laughter and song 
dark shapes like ghosts 
dancing, calling out to me 
I reach out my hands 
to join the dance 
spinning into a vortex 
of pure bliss

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