My love, beautiful and perfected

leave your realm of light behind

follow your heart to me,

my dark soul calls to you

from across this vast expanse

reach out to me now.


In these depths, void of all light,

still my heart burns for you,

a deep longing permeates my soul

Your beauty, is an all consuming fire

reducing my will to ashes.


Come take my hand,

abandon your inhibitions,

I will lead you to another place

not of this universe

created for your own pleasure

my Otherworld, our sanctuary


Behold my love, a million stars

constellations unknown

shed their light upon your perfection

my creation, a gift to you


Sands of perfect crystal

kiss a cerulean ocean of pure glass

for your eyes only to behold


Come, let us drink together now

the wine of pure love,

let us become drunk on our passion,

let me hold you now, kiss your sweet lips

taste your warm breast


For eternity I have longed for you

to caress your soft flesh

to breathe your essence

to become one with you

body and soul


Take me my love,

on this crystal shore,

as the sun sets upon our love

our passion lights the night

and cracks the sky


And when our love is spent

let me hold you

just for a while, a moment more

to look into your eyes

to remember this blessing

this forbidden love


Before we return to our realms

separated by time and space

forever to remember

this place


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