Thank you to Slasher Monster for posting my story “Betrayal” to their awesome website! Great horror stories, poetry, and all kinds of fun stuff there! Please visit them at slashermonster. com!


I returned home in darkness
My long journey behind me
Home at last
Cold and dusty from the road

I found my home dark
Void of the love I longed for
A cold welcome upon early arrival
Yet a light burned in my loves window

Silently I ascended
To the abode of my darling
Reveling in our meeting
Our love soon to be enjoined

In the dark passage before our door
I heard the sounds of passion
A groaning that burned through me
Darkness fell upon me in that moment

Bursting through the door at last
I saw him
Entangled in the throes of passion
My love's eyes filled with fire

My heart fell into darkness My hands took flight of their own accord Seeking to undo this madness before me I found the knife upon my dresser Lunging forward with no mind Only blind vengeance drove me on…

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