Smiling Face

There are monsters among us
Here in our midst
Smiling faces and laughing eyes
Betray their truth

Lonely hearts gather
Seeking true love
The monster longs to feed
Upon the broken soul

Honey drips from the tongue
As the spider draws them in
Bound up in a Web of deceit
A plaything to be used at will

Sweet words laced with poison
Numb the mind and drain the will
Eyes glaze over, self fades away
Paralyzed in the face of truth

The monster seeks to undo you
He seeks to consume you
Feeding on the energy of a pure heart
Stealing the emotions

Thrust deep the blade of truth
Into the heart of the demon
Break the bonds of control
Power belongs to the faithful

Beware of the sweet face
The flattering words
The empty soul that seeks you
True love exists, but not here

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