24 thoughts on “Melancholy – Spoken Word Poetry

  1. Hello. I’m Jane.
    This is so too sad. Don’t like sad things anymore… I had to be honest. But it doesn’t mean it’s not good or beautiful. I just don’t want to enjoy sad things anymore. Our minds are everything we have, we need to fed them with positivism.

    Please, follow me, if you want. I write poems sometimes too. There’s a post on my page ”In honor of fragility”… maybe you would like it. We can cooperate, ’cause I would like that someone record my poem in english… greetings! Jane

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    • Hi Jane, thank you for listening to my sad poem!
      Sometimes, I like to write or record a sad poem, it’s IIke painting a scene in dark hues, just to evoke a feeling.
      Don’t worry, I’m not sad like that, I’m just trying to capture emotion.

      Thanks for the follow!

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      • I think you are sad like that when you’re writing this kind of poem. You said “just to evoke a feeling”. So when you evoke a feeling, it’s there, rightΒΏ But don’t worry, I understood. Thank you on your answer!

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