Dead Eyes

Thanks so much Slasher Monster for posting my short story “Dead Eyes”! Check out their awesome blog for mind bending horror stories, poems and artwork!


Her eyes were beautiful
The color of fine jade
Deep and translucent

Her skin so soft and white
Her hair the color of fire
Her voice like sweet music

From the first time I saw her
I knew I must have her
So perfect in every way she was

She walked alone, in the dark night
Lost in her own thoughts
I was mesmerized

I followed, not too closely
But close enough to smell her scent
Sweet like Jasmine and Lavender

Through the park she went
Such a sweet fool I said to myself
I feared for her safety, so I followed

As she approached the river path
I began to draw closer
So close now I could hear her breath

Closer still I came, so quietly
I could touch her now if I chose
Yet I seemed only a shadow

And then it happened
She must have sensed me

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