The Little Onion

as I sat by the sea
pondering mysteries  
love, life, death, dreams  
I saw through the mist  
a little onion  
dwelling in a sad place  
full of lonely tears  
it’s layers torn through  
revealing emptiness  
sadness unleashed  
undone by life  
the onion laid upon  
the soft earth and wept  
as the earth received
the tears of the onion  
new life began to flow  
the earth kissed  the little onion

and roots began to take hold  
strength and light  
flowing freely, nourishing  
giving new life  
healing the scars  
restoring what was lost  
the little onion rejoiced  
in the light of the new day  
dwelling in the afterglow  
of new life and love  
the pain remembered  
only as a whisper  
on a cold night  
and thus the vision  
faded into the mist  
leaving me to wonder  
at it’s meaning  

6 thoughts on “The Little Onion

  1. This is simply lovely and so very unique! Who knew life lessons lie in an onion! But on a serious note, I guess some amount of pain is necessary. Grief really does nourish the soul. Lovely words. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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