Sometimes I feel
So deeply
So vividly
It crushes me

I’m an introvert
Always hiding
Always alone
And it hurts

I seek a true friend
To share
To laugh
To cry

Does this one exist
I think not
Not in my life
Not in my universe

And so I wander

This is not poetry
This is truth
Hear my thin voice
Crying in the wilderness

Please someone hear me
Somebody save me
My cries become an echo
Speaking into the ether

11 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Hard to miss the sadness in your words. I can relate to your sentiment, some days I feel horribly alone as well and those are the worst days. But I’m glad we can vent out our emotions here. Writing is like an emotional cleanse. 🙂

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  2. It is only when we dig deepest within ourselves, that we uncover our most unburnished truths. Sure, it may feel terrible. Sure, there are demons we’d rather keep locked up.
    However, when we let them out, they bring with them fountains of creativity. For what is our innermost life if not a potential reflection of ourselves on the world.

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    • Hey Sheldon, well I’m no genius but sometimes the walls close in and I think too much, or actually over think everything. But it’s all good, it’s what drives me to write. So yes absolutely, a blessing and a curse. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

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