Phoenix Sings!


Just wrote this song tonight, not the greatest recording, but hey it’s just for fun!


Follow that train
Follow that train all the way down
Follow that train
Follow that train all the way down

Ain’t no more time for running
You know that train be comin round

Follow the snake
Follow the snake in your head
Follow the snake
Follow the snake in your head

Ain’t no more time for running
Coming close you gonna be dead

Slide the blade
Slide the blade across your skin
Slide the blade
Deep inside your sweet skin

Ain’t nothing left for you here
Deep inside you pay for your sin

Sleep and dream
Sleep and dream upon your bed
Sleep and dream
Sleep and dream upon your bed

You know that devils comin
Pretty soon you gonna be dead

Find Me

Little Cuts

in my hand

so bright and shiny

makes me think of you

lovely memories

now darkened

what we were

us together

now just me

one little cut

across my tongue

to take back

all the sweet words

softly spoken in the dark

two little cuts

below my ears

to forget the sound

of your voice

calling out to me

three little cuts

to take my love

forget our nights

screaming together

in passions embrace

four little cuts

across my wrists

these hands

can’t hold you anymore

five short minutes

just to sit here

and watch the sun

rise once more

as my blood

melts into the snow


come quickly
come quickly
run to me
bar the doors
board up the windows
weapons ready
locked and loaded
our stomachs burn
our mouths are dry
the sun hides its face
the future holds
only wind and sand
death and darkness

our dreams
our hearts
this new world

they said there was a cure
for every disease

but they could not cure
they could not cure
they could not cure

they said we were perfect
shaking our fists
in Gods face
and now our debt is due
our sins find us
naked and broken
starving and undone
let our bread be ashes
let our drink be blood
lost forever
in this new world
a place of ghosts
and broken dreams


spread the word
spread the word
shout our praise
from the roof tops
the time has come
our glory is upon us
we have attained
we have overcome
our new world
full of love
no more sickness
no more sorrow
our golden society
the crown jewel
of the new world
the new order

our technology
our imagination
the possibilities

let the world see
what we have accomplished
by our own hands
our brilliance
illuminates the world

we built our walls
we make our borders
we have become

none shall touch us
in our new world
the face of God
beholds our glory

Dead Eyes

Thanks so much Slasher Monster for posting my short story “Dead Eyes”! Check out their awesome blog for mind bending horror stories, poems and artwork!


Her eyes were beautiful
The color of fine jade
Deep and translucent

Her skin so soft and white
Her hair the color of fire
Her voice like sweet music

From the first time I saw her
I knew I must have her
So perfect in every way she was

She walked alone, in the dark night
Lost in her own thoughts
I was mesmerized

I followed, not too closely
But close enough to smell her scent
Sweet like Jasmine and Lavender

Through the park she went
Such a sweet fool I said to myself
I feared for her safety, so I followed

As she approached the river path
I began to draw closer
So close now I could hear her breath

Closer still I came, so quietly
I could touch her now if I chose
Yet I seemed only a shadow

And then it happened
She must have sensed me

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My magic is fading
As the darkness falls
The hours pass slowly
As the ice takes me

My heart loses its rhythm
In the dimming world
Words lose their meaning
As dreams become reality

In the suns light
I cast no shadow
The cold wind
Passes through me

Look upon me now
Watch me fall
Into the arms of sorrow
Feel me no more

Let me walk among the ghosts
A silent memory that soon fades
My heart is empty
My tongue blackened

In you I found myself
Without you I am lost
Untethered from this world
I am no more


Sometimes I feel
So deeply
So vividly
It crushes me

I’m an introvert
Always hiding
Always alone
And it hurts

I seek a true friend
To share
To laugh
To cry

Does this one exist
I think not
Not in my life
Not in my universe

And so I wander

This is not poetry
This is truth
Hear my thin voice
Crying in the wilderness

Please someone hear me
Somebody save me
My cries become an echo
Speaking into the ether

The Little Onion

as I sat by the sea
pondering mysteries  
love, life, death, dreams  
I saw through the mist  
a little onion  
dwelling in a sad place  
full of lonely tears  
it’s layers torn through  
revealing emptiness  
sadness unleashed  
undone by life  
the onion laid upon  
the soft earth and wept  
as the earth received
the tears of the onion  
new life began to flow  
the earth kissed  the little onion

and roots began to take hold  
strength and light  
flowing freely, nourishing  
giving new life  
healing the scars  
restoring what was lost  
the little onion rejoiced  
in the light of the new day  
dwelling in the afterglow  
of new life and love  
the pain remembered  
only as a whisper  
on a cold night  
and thus the vision  
faded into the mist  
leaving me to wonder  
at it’s meaning  


My love is a cancer
A dark stain upon you
All consuming
Draining the spirit
Let me in my love
I need you now
Your energy feeds me
Your soul revives me
Let us merge into one
One heart
One soul
One mind
Without you I am nothing
Without me you are pure
Together we become another
Dark and light combined
I draw you in to me
Take hold of my darkness
This heart bleeds
This soul weeps
Touch me my love
As the flames rise
You belong to me
And I consume you