On the day of the purging
The children of earth rejoiced
Our minds free at last

Those who denied truth
Bound to an invisible god
Taken from us in a flash of light

Removed for their unbelief
Unworthy of our new world
As we follow the true path

The enlightened ones now revealed
Decending from a higher plane
Bringing knowledge and freedom

Healing the earth and her children
Releasing miracles
As the bringers of light

No more hunger
No more war
Eternal bliss for all

Their king, the great and shining one
Spoke truth to our hearts and minds
So beautiful he is, full of glory

Religion separated the masses
Now eradicated and replaced
Mankind seeks the true light

Only two remain
Speaking against our king
But they shall soon be destroyed

Their God has no power
Their words have no meaning
And yet they persist

We bask in this new light
We revel in ultimate truth
We are gods and we rejoice

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