In the dark light
Of the black moon
She waited

Seeking strange magic
A weaver of spells

Her heart longing
For a lost love
Long dead

Forbidden words spoken
Into the fire
Bringing new life

Within the fire a form appeared
Rising up with a foul wind
Taking the shape of a man

Her love awakened
Born by the flames
Beauty undiminished

My love she cried
You have returned to me
By my own power

His body stood before her
But with the soul of another
Dark and full of wickedness

A foul spirit
In the visage of her love
Raised from the depths

How long I have waited
For release dear one
He said with a smile

For millennia I have slept
In the outer darkness
But you have awakened me

New life awaits
There is much to do
Many to conquer

Three things I require
Only you can provide
To seal my life

Your blood for life
Your eternal soul
Your life for mine

Come stand with me
Within the flames
Embrace me now

Drawn by true love
She could not resist
As the fire consumed her

And so he lives
As her screams
Echo into eternity

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