Soul Mate

I search for you
Dark lonely soul
One like myself
Forgotten by life

Together let us shine
Cursing the darkness
The world shuns us
But we trancend

Can you find me
In the mass of humanity
I call out to you
From the shadows

Though we are strangers
Our hearts beat together
Find me lover
Know me in my depths

This world can not see
The truth of who we are
Two dark birds
Destined for greatness

I seek you always
As you seek me
My heart waits for you
Our worlds collide


In my mind
I see stars
A swirling vortex
Random thoughts
Like pinpoints of light

Images and words
Birthed in the mist
A new creation
A life unto itself
Seeking the light

My soul finds release
Poetry of the soul
Spiritual becomes physical
In the form of words
On the printed page

Let my hearts light fly away
Seeking new ground
In the heart of another
Reaching deep into the soul
Inspiring the mind

Poetry is our gift
The power to create
A spiritual connection
With the heart and mind
Our words live for eternity


On the day of the purging
The children of earth rejoiced
Our minds free at last

Those who denied truth
Bound to an invisible god
Taken from us in a flash of light

Removed for their unbelief
Unworthy of our new world
As we follow the true path

The enlightened ones now revealed
Decending from a higher plane
Bringing knowledge and freedom

Healing the earth and her children
Releasing miracles
As the bringers of light

No more hunger
No more war
Eternal bliss for all

Their king, the great and shining one
Spoke truth to our hearts and minds
So beautiful he is, full of glory

Religion separated the masses
Now eradicated and replaced
Mankind seeks the true light

Only two remain
Speaking against our king
But they shall soon be destroyed

Their God has no power
Their words have no meaning
And yet they persist

We bask in this new light
We revel in ultimate truth
We are gods and we rejoice


In the dark light
Of the black moon
She waited

Seeking strange magic
A weaver of spells

Her heart longing
For a lost love
Long dead

Forbidden words spoken
Into the fire
Bringing new life

Within the fire a form appeared
Rising up with a foul wind
Taking the shape of a man

Her love awakened
Born by the flames
Beauty undiminished

My love she cried
You have returned to me
By my own power

His body stood before her
But with the soul of another
Dark and full of wickedness

A foul spirit
In the visage of her love
Raised from the depths

How long I have waited
For release dear one
He said with a smile

For millennia I have slept
In the outer darkness
But you have awakened me

New life awaits
There is much to do
Many to conquer

Three things I require
Only you can provide
To seal my life

Your blood for life
Your eternal soul
Your life for mine

Come stand with me
Within the flames
Embrace me now

Drawn by true love
She could not resist
As the fire consumed her

And so he lives
As her screams
Echo into eternity