My Desire

My dark love
You have enslaved me
Bind yourself to me
In every way

Sweet flower
In my midnight garden
Open yourself to me
That I might enter in

I crave you
Spread your wings
And fly into my heart
My soul longs for you

I give myself to you
Diving deep inside
Your love sets me aflame
Your touch revives me

We are two birds
Flying high in the night sky
None shall constrain us
As we reach for the stars

Open yourself to me
As a flower seeks the sun
Let me taste your sweetness
Your nectar blesses me

Take me in to your depths
As the flames of passion rage
I dive into your secret places
As loves fires burns

Heaven rejoices in our love
As my heart fills with light
Taste me and know me
As our souls combine

You are my desire
You give my heart flight
In you I become pure
In me you are complete

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