Where are you
I can’t find you
Who are you
I don’t know you
All my life
I have searched
Yet you elude me
I long for you
To complete me
I have prayed for you
To find me
A true friend
A brother
To stand along side
To tell you my secrets
To walk the path
Beside me
O how I miss you
Although I don’t know you
I search everywhere
And now I lose hope
The years are moving on
And so do I
Resigned to this truth
That I will never find you
My one true friend

Zero Gravity

In between
The dark and the light
Time means nothing
Life becomes a dream

Truth and lies
Abstract ideas perceived
Yet meaningless in stasis
My heart wanders free

Reality bends
Cold light surrounding
Dimensions unfold
I become pure energy

Let me be
In this place
Free from the Earths bonds
Surrounded by silence

Reality fades
Dreams falter
Only I exist here
Blissfully removed

My bonds broken
My heart free
A wanderer of the stars
Finally free

Within the Rings

In darkness she broods
Alone among her sisters
Far removed from the light
The source of all life

She wears a crown upon her
The six pointed star
Queen of heaven
Mother of secrets

In her heart life thrives
Among the clouds
Breathing in the dim light
Alive in the ether

The children of Earth
Seek after her
But do not know her
Secrets will not reveal

In the realm of darkness
There are many places
Life hides between the lines
Each to his appointed place

Within the storm
Sweet breezes lift us up
Solar winds the breath of life
Planting seeds of the future


I’m a black cloud
In a broken sky
A dying sun
In the cold darkness

Images and words
Lose their meaning
As my eyes burn
And my tongue blackens

Oh faithless one
I have become
A restless wanderer
Hiding between the lines

A watcher in the shadows
Void of desire
Only a wretched ghost
Removed from you