The blind man
Follows a trail of tears
Leading him on
To where he has always been

Adrift in the sea of sorrow
The hearts faint light dims
Tempted to withdraw
Into the arms of darkness

The world turns slowly
Careless of those who unbind
The faithless travelers
Lost in the dark forest

Bright minds are sheltered
Raw hearts are shackled
Let the hive mind rule the day
Suppression is key

So we live
And so we die
Always seeking change
But never finding


I am your true love
Taste my blood and feel my pain
Let us be one now

Two hearts beat as one
The ice running through our veins
Binds us together

We are the sickness
We are the end of darkness
We are eternal


What is it that you think you can take from me
my heart is wild and my mind is free
blood is running full of fire
give to me my hearts desire
love me
In spite of meBeauty drips like shining diamonds from the sky
I’ve never felt so free or been so high
colors swirling in my mind
everything that’s failed behind me
heals me
in spite of me

Feel me
Breathe me
Hold me
Love me

You’ll find
I rule
My mind

Faceless lovers speak to me a again

I love you and how I feel you
everything inside me needs you

I find
You on
My mind

Hold me
Breathe me
Feel me
Heal me