The extreme edge of my senses
Naked and exposed
For all the world to see

Inside me there are ghosts
Foul spirits never resting
Seeking my doom at every turn

If only I could rest
I seek only a quiet respite
Yet none is found

They drive me constantly
Towards my own doom
As my spirit rages

How much longer
Shall I give in
To these voices

When shall I find release
From this plague of darkness
Is there no end

In my dreams I live another life
But only a fantasy
Love and peace in dark clouds

Harsh light blinds me
Dark words bind me
These chains are too real

Let me find release
Spill this blood at last
Let this spirit fly free

Who will be my salvation
Who will break the bonds
Release this wild heart

Love Spell

with diamonds two
three flowers blue
a phoenix tear
one hair from you

I stir them well
ring once the bell
ignight the fire
to weave the spell

in starlight dance
to love enhance
a circle make
create romance

thrice speak your name
and mine the same
speak forth the chant
set heart aflame

our hearts entwine
our souls combine
let love persist
I make you mine


Three mirrors you have
One is beautiful
But with a hidden heart

One is fierce
Her heart is open
Yet doubt is upon her

One is loyal and true
New love holds him close
Yet frailty binds him

Only their mother can join them
Holding them close in her heart
She is the force of creation


Without my love
My home is no longer
Only a sad dwelling
A place of spiders
And dusty memories

Return to me lovely one
Wife and mother
Spark of life
My heart cries for you
My soul bleeds for you

There is no darkness so deep
No cold so bleak
No pain so real
As the absence of love
The heart torn asunder