9 thoughts on “The Brink

      • No worries brother! You are a Phoenix..and even though it says you’ve already risen…BY GODS YOU CAN DO THE WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN!

        You will be reborn from flames. I’ve seen it. I know the kingdoms are at war, and people are losing their lives. Well, we all do. At some point, you gotta accept Death comes for all. In fact, I think you should know, you’re 2nd…advisor person (maybe it’s you’re 3rd, I don’t remember) is plotting against you.

        They look to overthrow you. I know it is all terribly cliche’ but you should be wary nonetheless. You never know who will come for your kingdom (most notably in times of war) and you should be wary of ladies of suspiciously ill intent. I hear the eastern lands are looking to use geisha types (but not as obvious) to invade.

        Bottom line (I hate to be blunt) but be wary of really suspiciously morally wayward souls.

        Oh and to your comment, thank you. I love your poetry. Disregard the rest, it is a bit of joking and making stuff up along the way while drinking plenty of wine. 😉

        See you aren’t the only soul who can do drunk stories. Then again you did it with poetry (and probably some sort of sorcery no doubt) so that makes you doubly talented. ^_^

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      • Too out there?! There is no such thing! I heartily look forward to it! I swear that is not the wine speaking…but it is the truth (Ready…okay, I’m going to be fully honest so brace yourself…plus a bit of wine).

        I’m sorry, there it is. I’m not psychic, I have no way of knowing if what you wrote is too trippy as it were. Still, if I were completely sober right now (as though I am at all) I would totally agree with the above.

        Cheers! ^_^

        P.S.- Post it and see what happens! 😉

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