The Last Tear

I’m tired

So tired

This broken heart

Finds no solace

In the bright sun

No cleansing

In the spring rain

My blood runs

As the last tear falls

Let me go now

To fall into

The cold arms

Of sweet death

To sleep forever



I feel you in my depths
Our soul connection
In the deepest parts
Two lives intertwined
Becoming one life
Two hearts beat as one
These minds share thoughts
Two  become one
A mystery revealed
Time and space
Do not constrain
We move beyond
Becoming one heart
One soul
One mind
Our love breathes
Our life shared
We become each other
The mystery of love
Revealed between us
God’s perfect will
Manifest perfection


I find my purpose in you
My first
Your blood tells a story
A tale of my own
The world must know
That judgment falls
Gods hand I have become
A holy burden
For me alone
All must be purged
My blade
Consecrated, blessed
My mission
My willingness
Let the world bleed
As I exact judgment
The heavens rejoice
In the cleansing fire
This razor
Seeks the truth
These hands
Guided by fate
Shape the world
Your blood
Brings renewal

Dark Angel

In dreams I see her

Radiant, bathed in starlight

Eyes like black diamonds


Beautiful she is

But cold in her dark spirit

Like a winter storm


In silence she waits

Brooding in the pale cold light

For one to follow


To feed upon life

To consume in the black flame

The bright sinless soul


Beware of her charms

Look not into her dark eyes

Lest you be taken


Below the dark depths

Into the sea of madness

Never to return


I can’t find myself

I’ve looked everywhere

I must be hiding

Or sleeping in a secret place

Nobody looks for me

Or misses me

I’ve always been a shadow

So what does it matter

I would crawl into myself

If I could

But I’m lost

Unseen and unknown

Living in my dreams

Just outside the lines

I’m right beside you

But you don’t see me

I’m screaming

But you can’t hear me

And so it goes

Life keeps moving on

I’ll just stay here

The Brink

as I stand at the brink of madness
holding the knife to my neck
I press the tip in, just a bit
I run the blade across my skin
slowly, deliberately
just to see the color of my blood
the pain given by my own hand
is always the sweetest
the most exquisite


Two suns rule, the stars weep
As the lonely planet falters
Lost in the cold distance

Chaos becomes memory
Order follows
As death follows life

Two rivers flow
from the great mountain
Into the valley of decision

A great river divides
The shining lands to the east
From the great plains in the west

A lonely boat rides the current
Trusting fate to deliver the future
Sailing into the darkness

With only the candle of faith
To light the path
The heart is reborn


In the darkness

I find solace

Hiding here

In the midst of demons

Your blood cleanses me

I find renewal

This blade glistens

Hungry for another

And I rejoice

In my mission

My calling

Feeding the darkness

And so I wait

Listening, hoping