floating gently
between heaven and earth
between the real
and the imagined
no time
no space
no pain
no sorrow
only blissful ecstasy
perfection unbroken
a world of poetry
voiceless,  spoken by my soul
let me stay forever
between these two worlds
far from reality

soft light washes over me
a voice
speaking from afar
heart and mind
thoughts and dreams
coalescing,  brightening
awaken my love
the voice in my mind
calling out
harsh light
burns my eyes
dreams fade like smoke
giving way to reality
dim sadness fills me
I long to be here
in these arms again
if only for a moment

7 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Dreams have a way of being an escape. I love them so much! I dream every time I sleep and generally vividly enough to remember them. Many times I awake and forget where I am, feeling lost for just a few seconds before reality strikes in again.

    You capture many of the feelings I feel as a dreamer and I’m sure many people do as dreamers. Sometimes you wake up from a nightmare relieved and other times from the most amazing dream, sad that it wasn’t the reality you so vividly thought it was.

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