Reality is deeper than I imagine
My mind struggles to comprehend
The spiritual touches the physical
And yet I long to peer into the mist
To look beyond the veil
My flesh is limited but still I wonder
Dark thoughts plague me
Hinting at something deeper
If only I could see
Dreams reveal a dark mirror
Waking life a muted vision
What is it I am missing
The answer lies before me
Yet still I can not see
Someday to be revealed
In this life or the next

4 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Dreams are powerful things. I liken them to doorways to other realities, a peek behind the veil so to speak. Loving your poetry and thoughts! Keep up the great work.

    Also, know if I have been slow to read or respond, it is because the more people I’ve followed and the more who follow my own blog, the harder it is to keep up with everyone and everything. Do know though, I am still reading.

    Cheers! ^_^

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    • Thank yout Sinister! I know what you mean, my time has become very limited these days so I don’t get to WP as often as I would like. Lately I just get on for minutes at a time during the day to read as much as I can and try to record the poems that hit me throughout the day. Life gets crazy sometimes! Still loving your work as always!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I totally agree with this and have experienced this myself! I have been spiritually awakened and have experienced and seen some “magical ” things, but, one has to really see beyond what is in front of them and be Very open minded to receive them. I am hoping to get more answers in the next life…

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