There is one thing that defines you
This is your heart

There are two things that mark you
The day of your birth and the day of your death

There are three things that compel you
Your soul, your spirit and your flesh

There are four things you can not live without
Food, water, air and love

There are five things created for your pleasure
The ocean, the desert, the forest, the mountains, the sky

There are six things that can not be seen
The wind, cold, heat, thought, the soul, the spirit

There are seven things that call out to you
These are the seven spirits of God
Calling you into His eternal light

The essence of our lives consists in these things

14 thoughts on “Essence

    • Spiritual? Yes I would have to agree, I believe there are a lot of things on the edge of perception that influence us. I like to explore those things, probe into the dark and the light, see what’s out there. Maybe poke the bees nest now and then 😉

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