you, so beautiful

skin so soft

eyes of blue

golden hair

as bright as the sun

me, old eyes

skin become leather

hair, fallen and gray

nothing between us

but this knife

and these words

to take what’s yours

and make it my own

by my spell I am renewed

by my words you are undone

sanguinem et sanguinem,

vita , vitae

convertere anima mea

renovamini spiritu

vitae renatos

what was once yours

now mine

I spend in your honor

life is beautiful

7 thoughts on “Spell

  1. I love it but the moment you mentioned spell and started actually saying the words…I skipped that part. I don’t trust reading things like that…even in my mind. Plus when I started to read, I swear I could hear it whispering in my mind. Then again I’m out of it, so who know.

    Great poem though. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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