When did this come upon you
Evil flows through you
Like a dark river
Foul and rotten
Full of death and hatred
Was it brought by a man’s hand
Who can say
Your life spent dreaming
A means to an end
Lies and death follow
Your path is full of blood
As you rise you see no end
To the power you will attain
Yet you will not
Your life is measured in days
The throne you seek
Shall be taken by another
Stronger than you
The dark king will not relinquish
You have no purpose
His is the chosen future
The death bringer
Serving the darkness
His brain is full of snakes
His heart full of wasps
Dream of your mountain
For it is only a dream
Repent while you still can
Your time is short


What is man
An organic container
That hides a mystery
A biodegradable shell
For an eternal spirit
A finite existence
Racing towards death
In a constant state
Of entropy
A dreamer in chains
Confined to the physical
Yet he longs for release
To fly free in the blue sky
Let our hearts be unbound
Free our minds
From these shackles
Of painful reality
The universe awaits


floating gently
between heaven and earth
between the real
and the imagined
no time
no space
no pain
no sorrow
only blissful ecstasy
perfection unbroken
a world of poetry
voiceless,  spoken by my soul
let me stay forever
between these two worlds
far from reality

soft light washes over me
a voice
speaking from afar
heart and mind
thoughts and dreams
coalescing,  brightening
awaken my love
the voice in my mind
calling out
harsh light
burns my eyes
dreams fade like smoke
giving way to reality
dim sadness fills me
I long to be here
in these arms again
if only for a moment

Death of a Poet

Dear poet
Why must you be as you are
Why must you be awake
When all the others are sleeping
Why must you look so far
Searching beyond the stars
Your heart is too open
Your thoughts too lofty
Your words too disturbing
Leave those things now
And become like us

And so the poet relinquished
He took the knife that was offered
And began to cut
He cut away the pieces of himself
That made him who he was
To become another
He cut out his heart
That he might not feel
No love or pain
No joy or sorrow
He cut away his soul
That he might not dream
Travelling to future and past
To heaven and beyond
He cut out his tongue
That he might not speak
No more words to offend
Or enlighten would he offer
He cut out his eyes
That he could look no longer
Upon the secret places
Above and below
And farther still
He stopped up his ears
That he could not hear
The whispers of the universe
The songs in the rain
The riddles on the wind
He cut out his brain
That he could no longer
Think upon the deep things
To understand the mysteries
He removed everything
And when he had finished his task
He laid down to sleep
Blood and poetry flowed out
Upon his bed, a warm torrent
Of self, and he felt nothing


He was a child of the lightning

She was a daughter of the sea

He decended from the heights

As she rose up to meet him

To embrace one another

In the eye of the storm

Come with me said he

I will show you the wonders of heaven

No my love said she

Follow me into the depths

I will show you secrets unknown

But neither could leave

Their appointed place

The two worlds can never touch

So he ascended into the heavens

And she descended into the deep

The dark sky wept in sorrow

And the sea raged in despair

And so shall it ever be

The Evil That Men Do



Iron Maiden still makes me smile!

Love is a razor and I walked the line
on that silver blade
Slept in the dust with his daughter
Her eyes red with the slaughter
of innocence

But I will pray for her
I will call her name out loud
I would bleed for her,
if I could only see her now

Living on a razor’s edge
balancing on a ledge

The evil that men do
lives on and on

Circle of fire
my baptism of joy
at an end it seems
The seventh lamb slain,
the book of life opens before me

And I will pray for you,
someday I may return
Don’t you cry for me,
beyond is where I learn

Living on a razor’s edge,
balancing on a ledge

The evil that men do
lives on and on


visions flow from the ether

like stars falling in darkness

yet the restrainer captures the mind

devouring pure thought

reducing light to dim after images

I struggle to break through

life overwhelms and breaks me

the connection severed

my mind returns to the real

must I live in one dimension

it seems that is the expectation

and so I leave speculation

for the present


look at you now, so still
our solitude unbroken
only silence, now
and darkness, your darkness
so much pain, so much violence
required at your hand
and now, nothing
you have earned this rest
this solemn peace
the blood on your hands
not mine this time
the ground cries out
for your lifes blood
and i gave it willingly

your evil is spent
your bloodletting complete
no more will your darkness
descend upon me
now your swords are broken
and your ships are burned
revel in the darkness of
your afterlife, a dark shadow,
wandering alone
in an endless frozen forest
for eternity
receive the justice you deserve
bask in the suffering
I give to you
for all you have given me


Reality is deeper than I imagine
My mind struggles to comprehend
The spiritual touches the physical
And yet I long to peer into the mist
To look beyond the veil
My flesh is limited but still I wonder
Dark thoughts plague me
Hinting at something deeper
If only I could see
Dreams reveal a dark mirror
Waking life a muted vision
What is it I am missing
The answer lies before me
Yet still I can not see
Someday to be revealed
In this life or the next