Dark Harvest

what has come upon you
your life drains slowly away
can you not see, will you not
an open wound, self inflicted
permits the virus to enter

infecting you, depleting you
a cancer to devour you
the sword has come to your land
the moon wanes as the sun weeps
pure heart turns black

death comes in waves
an ocean of blood
crashing upon your shores
vile hatred returned for love
death stalks you in every street

who will you become
only a ghost of what you were
a dark shadow in a bleeding sun
your beautiful lands weep
as the darkness descends

let your eyes burn with tears
let your hearts rise from the ashes
fear not to spill blood
lest yours flow in the streets
bind the strongman

cast out the plague
rise up
before the black sun sets upon you
reap the dark harvest
that the flowers may return again

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