oh weaver of dark magic
spellbinder, black heart smitten
poisoning me with your whispers

dark sayings from a black tongue
dripping with honey and death
you are an asp tearing at me

infecting me with lies
your soul is a wasteland
frozen and dead

your heart a sepulture
full of death and darkness
your paths lead to a dark eternity

a frozen reality, void of life
your vile soul forever lost
our paths will not cross

your enchantments have no power
bright light shines upon me
leading me to life as you burn

eternal black flame your destiny
devoured by your lust you are consumed
cursed to feed upon your own venom

I watch you wither, yet my tears fall
my sorrow for you immeasurable
your own hand has brought this

and I weep for you
as your darkness falls
as your soul fades

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