The Web

As I walked the dark path
A spirit beckoned me
A vision of pure beauty
Decietful in every way

Into her embrace I fell
Mesmerized by her words
Entranced by her darkness
A fly caught in her Web

My heart became as ice
My mind numbed
Reality a distant memory
As the poison took hold

Through the fog of lies
I saw another dark form
A higher power, unlike this one
His darkness unfathomable

His eyes burning through me
His words on her lips
Sifting me, reducing me
My destruction his only desire

Entangled in the Web
I struggled to reach out
To find the light
To escape this darkness

Truth and fantasy merging
Revealing alternate realities
Confusion gripped me
My soul began to tear

In the midst of the darkness
I saw a golden thread
Shimmering with pure light
With all my will I reached out

As I touched the golden strand
My heart filled with light
Darkness fled from me
My bonds released

From the depths of my soul
A cry went forth
Oh bright and morning star
Release me from this prison

A burst of pure white light
Burned through the darkness
Revealing the perfect one
His arms open beckoning me

As I beheld him my heart burned
Filled with pure light, perfect love
He spoke to me healing words
Never to be undone

Β© Phoenix Risen 2016

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