The Phoenix

As the morning sun rose, the winds swept through the mountain passes. The black clouds that brought last night’s storm, now gone leaving a crystal blue sky.
Tendrils of smoke rose from the remains of a fire, caused by a lightning strike, the cool breeze swept it away, to mingle with the fog in the low valley.

As the wind kissed the ashes, a new spark emerged, growing hotter and burning brighter. Heat and light created, the flame growing larger, creating a vortex of wind and fire reaching higher and higher towards the sky.
In the center of the vortex was a white hot light becoming brighter and rising from out of the flames. Transforming, the light taking shape, a mass of swirling color, spinning, tumbling.
A bird emerged, but like no other, his beauty unique and unknown, his wings were of fire, his plumage a rainbow of color.
He spread his wings and caught the wind, rising towards the sky, into the eye of the rising sun.
Far from the mountain he flew, dropping low into the land of the seven valleys. Searching for he knew not what.
From the valleys, he flew towards the sea, to learn what her secrets were, as he flew, low across the silent waters, he contemplated her endless motion, sometimes calm and glistening, sometimes raging. This world was not his, this barrier he could not cross. He wondered at the mysteries below her depths, but he let her keep her secrets.

Having learned all he could from the sea, he turned his face towards the shining lands in the east.
Rising high to fly across the mountains, full of ice and snow, he found no warm sanctuary to take his rest so he moved on towards the forests far below.

Beautiful and lush, teeming with life, rich canopies of leaf and flower, he found many similar to himself, speaking in many different languages he could not understand. He felt the yearning to speak with this glorious multitude, but he only spoke in riddles, so he moved on, still searching for he knew not what

He flew deep into the earth, through rock and fire, taking the darkest paths. He contemplated the darkness, he found it somehow warm and beautiful. The darkness spoke to him, soothing him, tempting him to become one with her.
As he lingered there, he realized, this was not his true path, this power was not his to wield. So he moved on, searching for he knew not what.

He exploded from the earth, into the blazing light of day, the darkness far below and forgotten. He turned his face towards the sky, and he saw her. The sun burned its light into his eyes, her warmth surrounding him. Was this what he had been searching for he wondered?

He flew high, he flew fast, his wings of fire blazing, flying towards the beautiful sun. High above the clouds, leaving the earth behind, slowly shrinking in the distance. He flew past her sister the moon, her face cold and empty of life.
Into the darkness of the void he flew, but he didn’t fear the dark, he knew all of her secrets. The sun’s warmth drew him closer to her, across the impossible distance.
As he began to draw closer, he became amazed at her brilliance, her power, her endless source of light. She spoke to him in beautiful riddles, her energy becoming more intense.
He flew faster now, trying to reach her, dazzled by her brilliance and beauty, she was all he could see now, the dark void far behind.
His longing to be one with her, drew him ever closer, but the intensity she radiated was too much for his frailty, he longed only to touch her, and then slowly, he began to burn, but it was too late to turn back. The intense gravity of this star, held him in her grasp,
Flying faster, reaching out, for just one touch, bathed in her light. Her fires began to consume him as she wept, reducing him slowly to ashes and silence.

Time passes slowly in the darkness, memories fade, dreams are forgotten, but alas, time continues to move forward. All that has been destroyed is renewed, re-birthed, for a new purpose.
And so as time passed, the sun’s tears slowly carried her lover’s ashes far into the galaxy, spinning his essence towards home.

© Phoenix Risen 2016

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