Smitten – Drunk Poetry

You defile me with your words
You beguile me with your eyes
Your song flows like water
Into the deepest part of me
How can I escape you
When you hold me so close
Beautiful you are
And smitten I am
In spite of myself
Take all of me
I give you everything
Reduce me to ashes
In the flame of your love

Another drunk submission, I blame Mr. Bacardi for this!

Dark Harvest

what has come upon you
your life drains slowly away
can you not see, will you not
an open wound, self inflicted
permits the virus to enter

infecting you, depleting you
a cancer to devour you
the sword has come to your land
the moon wanes as the sun weeps
pure heart turns black

death comes in waves
an ocean of blood
crashing upon your shores
vile hatred returned for love
death stalks you in every street

who will you become
only a ghost of what you were
a dark shadow in a bleeding sun
your beautiful lands weep
as the darkness descends

let your eyes burn with tears
let your hearts rise from the ashes
fear not to spill blood
lest yours flow in the streets
bind the strongman

cast out the plague
rise up
before the black sun sets upon you
reap the dark harvest
that the flowers may return again


oh weaver of dark magic
spellbinder, black heart smitten
poisoning me with your whispers

dark sayings from a black tongue
dripping with honey and death
you are an asp tearing at me

infecting me with lies
your soul is a wasteland
frozen and dead

your heart a sepulture
full of death and darkness
your paths lead to a dark eternity

a frozen reality, void of life
your vile soul forever lost
our paths will not cross

your enchantments have no power
bright light shines upon me
leading me to life as you burn

eternal black flame your destiny
devoured by your lust you are consumed
cursed to feed upon your own venom

I watch you wither, yet my tears fall
my sorrow for you immeasurable
your own hand has brought this

and I weep for you
as your darkness falls
as your soul fades

The Monster Inside

this monster inside me
Insidious creeping death
cells divide one by one
two by two
bringing me closer
to the nightmare I can not see

I walk through this dead garden
full of memories and dreams
slowly she approaches
bringing ruin on her black wings
fly away raven
fly away

© Phoenix Risen 2016

Image credit MW Griffin

The Well

I feel the need
The tickle in my brain
To wite again

To live, to breathe
In the skin of another
Just for a little while

I reach in, deep
Into the well of souls
I hear their cries

Their laughter
Their sobs
Their madness

Who shall I be today
The painful lover
The demon

The sad fool
The murderer
So many lives to live

So many stories to tell
I take on their personna
If only for a moment

So many different world’s
Through their eyes
I see them all

© Phoenix Risen 2016

The Web

As I walked the dark path
A spirit beckoned me
A vision of pure beauty
Decietful in every way

Into her embrace I fell
Mesmerized by her words
Entranced by her darkness
A fly caught in her Web

My heart became as ice
My mind numbed
Reality a distant memory
As the poison took hold

Through the fog of lies
I saw another dark form
A higher power, unlike this one
His darkness unfathomable

His eyes burning through me
His words on her lips
Sifting me, reducing me
My destruction his only desire

Entangled in the Web
I struggled to reach out
To find the light
To escape this darkness

Truth and fantasy merging
Revealing alternate realities
Confusion gripped me
My soul began to tear

In the midst of the darkness
I saw a golden thread
Shimmering with pure light
With all my will I reached out

As I touched the golden strand
My heart filled with light
Darkness fled from me
My bonds released

From the depths of my soul
A cry went forth
Oh bright and morning star
Release me from this prison

A burst of pure white light
Burned through the darkness
Revealing the perfect one
His arms open beckoning me

As I beheld him my heart burned
Filled with pure light, perfect love
He spoke to me healing words
Never to be undone

© Phoenix Risen 2016

This Darkened Heart

this darkened heart
haunted by spirits
I find no rest
my soul bleeds
seeking for love
and finding none
fountain of life
forever unknown
this dark bird
flies alone
in the night sky
seeking true love
this hidden star
a candle in the darkness

Among the Stars

the planets spin on their axis
as they move around our star
every one in it’s place
moving in perfect time

unseen magnetic forces
bind the cosmos
dark particles hinting
at dimensions unknown

between the stars
a universe alive
mathematically perfect
chaos uncontrolled

light speed the barrier
that mass can never cross
keeps us from the stars
bound by time and space

only our dreams go beyond
transforming us, recreating us
pure energy we become
if only in our hearts

© Phoenix Risen 2016