In the darkest watch of the night
In the hour of my deepest slumber
A bright soul came to me

Speaking to me in dark riddles
Uncomprehended by the conscious mind
I met her in the darkened void

The place between wake and sleep
My heart open, my mind at ease
Truth she showed me through dreams

Visions related from a higher plane
I live many lives in this place
My eyes behold things unknown

Future lives yet unrealized
Deeper into the ocean of light
I dive, to drink in this nectar of truth

My mind reels at the possible futures
Hinged upon my own decisions
Reality is a function of my will

The path I walk determines my reality
My future is written by my own hand
Her voice calls to me, through the depths

Arise, walk in truth, live in love
My sight returns to this world
I breathe in real time

My heart still beats in another world
My life is between the two
I choose my path, I live

© Phoenix Risen 2016

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