Scorched Earth

© Phoenix Risen 2016

A reading done by me of my poem Scorched Earth


Look upon the fields
The echoes of battle cries now silent
Blood soaked sand washed clean by the rain
Men prayed to their gods of sun and moon
The gods of fire and of steel answered

Look upon the fields
Fathers and brothers lay silent now
Carrion for the beasts of the earth
Who will teach the children
Destined for all time to carry on the folly of their fathers

Look upon the fields
Soon the snows will come to mask the horror beneath
The gods of sun and wind and rain erase the memories
Man’s light will be extinguished by his own hand
The grass will take back the earth and we are no more

Thanks to Eluveitie for the music, from their song of the same name that was my inspiration to write this!

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