Fly Away

Sometimes I wish
I could just fly away
far from life
to be reborn
a new me
in a new place
no memories
no scars
no pain
no love
just take this life
wash it all away
this wounded heart
turned to ashes
I don’t need it
I’ll trade all I have
just give me wings
and let me fly away


In the darkest watch of the night
In the hour of my deepest slumber
A bright soul came to me

Speaking to me in dark riddles
Uncomprehended by the conscious mind
I met her in the darkened void

The place between wake and sleep
My heart open, my mind at ease
Truth she showed me through dreams

Visions related from a higher plane
I live many lives in this place
My eyes behold things unknown

Future lives yet unrealized
Deeper into the ocean of light
I dive, to drink in this nectar of truth

My mind reels at the possible futures
Hinged upon my own decisions
Reality is a function of my will

The path I walk determines my reality
My future is written by my own hand
Her voice calls to me, through the depths

Arise, walk in truth, live in love
My sight returns to this world
I breathe in real time

My heart still beats in another world
My life is between the two
I choose my path, I live

© Phoenix Risen 2016


words of truth
spoken in reverie
unheard, misunderstood
my heart opens wide
revelations revealed
to my own demise
my shout shall become a sigh
my heartbeat a flutter
a butterfly upon a mountain
a whisper in a hurricane
I reveal too much of myself
sew my mouth shut
stop my heart
lies and compromise
sing a sweeter song
some things
better left unsaid
some songs
better to be unsung
let the shadows remain
hidden within the depths
let the heart feel
let it never speak
just let me

© Phoenix Risen 2016

Dark Thoughts

So much pressure
Dark thoughts swirling, racing
I need release
Pen to paper
Images flow from my mind like black poison
Through the pen
Sweet like honey, warm like blood
Spiritual transformed to physical
I lay my head on my hands
Now spent
Waiting for the black tide to rise again

© Phoenix Risen 2016


ghostly voices speaking
long dead dreams
gathered from the ashes

discarded memories
bound in leather
faded by long years

still I read, these old tomes
words from millennia past
I find meaning, enlightenment

forgotten ideas breathe again
becoming consciousness
forming my reality, my truth

these fires once raging
reduced to a candles flame
burn brightly once again

these paths, overgrown by time
traveled once again
through the magic of words

like diamonds in the dust
waiting for new minds, new hearts
to unlock the mysteries

the wisdom of the ancients
these words shine once again
breathing new life

and so shall we live on
our souls echoing for eternity
through our written word

© Phoenix Risen 2016

The Witch

Twisted mind with hopeful dreams
Laughing eyes and silent screams
Hold the world in tiny hands
Crush the ones who take a stand

Sacred verses steeped in lies
Words lead to your own demise
Stand you not upon my door
Whisper lies to me no more

Spend your hours weaving spells
Power drawn from depths of hell
Incantations of the mind
Poisoned dreams that leave you blind

Hearts enslavement through your charms
Darkness holds you in her arms
Bind the weak and slay the strong
Mesmerizing siren song

I do not submit to you
My heart is bright my words are true
Come now witch and do your worst
Let you fall under this curse

Darkness cover you with thorns
Frozen heart that never warms
Demons wrest you from your bed
Ghostly voices in your head

Empty mind and frozen heart
Madness tear your world apart
Take your voice and take your sight
You will bleed for me tonight

© Phoenix Risen 2016

Scorched Earth

© Phoenix Risen 2016

A reading done by me of my poem Scorched Earth


Look upon the fields
The echoes of battle cries now silent
Blood soaked sand washed clean by the rain
Men prayed to their gods of sun and moon
The gods of fire and of steel answered

Look upon the fields
Fathers and brothers lay silent now
Carrion for the beasts of the earth
Who will teach the children
Destined for all time to carry on the folly of their fathers

Look upon the fields
Soon the snows will come to mask the horror beneath
The gods of sun and wind and rain erase the memories
Man’s light will be extinguished by his own hand
The grass will take back the earth and we are no more

Thanks to Eluveitie for the music, from their song of the same name that was my inspiration to write this!