I saw you, far away
In the dreamscape
But I knew you

Our souls touched
Only for a moment
A singularity

Did you see me
Did you feel me
Magnetic attraction

Are you here
In the real
Or just an illusion

I felt you
But I don’t know you
Yet I do

Dreams fade like smoke
Yet I still feel you
I still seek you

I search every face
As my heart bleeds
Will I find you

Fantasy grips me
As I wish for sleep
To see you again

Find me in the real
My heart ebbs
Waiting for you

A silver thread connects us
Between two worlds
Reach out for me

Realities collide
Dimensions overlap
If only for a moment

Two burning hearts
Lost in time and space
Seeking true love

One Last Kiss


Hold on my darling
Please, don’t go
Our time is not yet done
Our story is still being written
You are my one
My love
My soul
Wait for me
Another moment

Let us go together
As we moved through life
Let us go in death
Hand in hand
Heart to heart

The wind is blowing cold outside
Stay with me my darling
Let my love warm you and heal you
I’ll take your pain
I’ll give you my breath
Let my heart beat for the two of us
My love

Let me look upon you for eternity
One lifetime is not enough for us
Open your eyes and tell me you love me
There is still time
For one more kiss




I waited in the rain last night.  But you weren’t comin’

And I am breaking deep inside


I still remember the night we had.  Two hearts on fire

But now it’s gone and I’m so sad


This is the life I live this is the dream I have

And you’re the ghost that’s in my head


The love we had was just a dream

And now I shatter endlessly


I want to feel you here by me.   But now I can’t feel anything

I’m closing up my soul


Memories take me anywhere.   And I can see you in my dreams

But my heart is lying


This is the life I live this is the dream I have

And you’re the ghost that’s in my head


The love we had was just a dream

And now I shatter endlessly

Smiling Face

There are monsters among us
Here in our midst
Smiling faces and laughing eyes
Betray their truth

Lonely hearts gather
Seeking true love
The monster longs to feed
Upon the broken soul

Honey drips from the tongue
As the spider draws them in
Bound up in a Web of deceit
A plaything to be used at will

Sweet words laced with poison
Numb the mind and drain the will
Eyes glaze over, self fades away
Paralyzed in the face of truth

The monster seeks to undo you
He seeks to consume you
Feeding on the energy of a pure heart
Stealing the emotions

Thrust deep the blade of truth
Into the heart of the demon
Break the bonds of control
Power belongs to the faithful

Beware of the sweet face
The flattering words
The empty soul that seeks you
True love exists, but not here


In the eye of the storm I saw you

Black heart raging, soul screaming

Broken and undone

Wasted and empty


Your mind betrays you

Dark dreams bind you

Chained by lust

Blinded by your own lies


Who are you when you are alone

Do you cry, do you scream

Do your tears flow freely

Do you feel anything


Behind a mask you hide

A beautiful face shines forth

A trick of the light, vain deception

Just an actor on a stage of dreams


Come now, show yourself

Love still seeks for you

Throw off the mask

No more curtain calls


Time passes quickly

This life calls to you

Cast away your fears

Step into the real


Sunny day
Cool breeze
Shady tree

Random thoughts
Where I’ve been
Where I’m going
Who I am

One moment
In this time
In this place
Total peace

World turns
Chaos abounds
Battles rage

Yet I wait
In this perfect place
In this moment