From Orion he comes
Ruin is upon him
Wings of fire announce
Death is in his approach

Let the Earth fall
Let the people wail
Turn him back to his place
Deliver the frail hearts

Bow down and repent
Lest the evil overtake
Time fades before us
Yet mercy abounds

A legend they say
As truth is hidden
Fear not for all is as it was
Know this, calamity draws near

Bow your face to the dust
Cast away every evil thought
Seek God for your life
That the evil may pass


Where are you
I can’t find you
Who are you
I don’t know you
All my life
I have searched
Yet you elude me
I long for you
To complete me
I have prayed for you
To find me
A true friend
A brother
To stand along side
To tell you my secrets
To walk the path
Beside me
O how I miss you
Although I don’t know you
I search everywhere
And now I lose hope
The years are moving on
And so do I
Resigned to this truth
That I will never find you
My one true friend

Zero Gravity

In between
The dark and the light
Time means nothing
Life becomes a dream

Truth and lies
Abstract ideas perceived
Yet meaningless in stasis
My heart wanders free

Reality bends
Cold light surrounding
Dimensions unfold
I become pure energy

Let me be
In this place
Free from the Earths bonds
Surrounded by silence

Reality fades
Dreams falter
Only I exist here
Blissfully removed

My bonds broken
My heart free
A wanderer of the stars
Finally free

Within the Rings

In darkness she broods
Alone among her sisters
Far removed from the light
The source of all life

She wears a crown upon her
The six pointed star
Queen of heaven
Mother of secrets

In her heart life thrives
Among the clouds
Breathing in the dim light
Alive in the ether

The children of Earth
Seek after her
But do not know her
Secrets will not reveal

In the realm of darkness
There are many places
Life hides between the lines
Each to his appointed place

Within the storm
Sweet breezes lift us up
Solar winds the breath of life
Planting seeds of the future


I’m a black cloud
In a broken sky
A dying sun
In the cold darkness

Images and words
Lose their meaning
As my eyes burn
And my tongue blackens

Oh faithless one
I have become
A restless wanderer
Hiding between the lines

A watcher in the shadows
Void of desire
Only a wretched ghost
Removed from you




The blind man
Follows a trail of tears
Leading him on
To where he has always been

Adrift in the sea of sorrow
The hearts faint light dims
Tempted to withdraw
Into the arms of darkness

The world turns slowly
Careless of those who unbind
The faithless travelers
Lost in the dark forest

Bright minds are sheltered
Raw hearts are shackled
Let the hive mind rule the day
Suppression is key

So we live
And so we die
Always seeking change
But never finding


I am your true love
Taste my blood and feel my pain
Let us be one now

Two hearts beat as one
The ice running through our veins
Binds us together

We are the sickness
We are the end of darkness
We are eternal

What is it that you think you can take from me
my heart is wild and my mind is free
blood is running full of fire
give to me my hearts desire
love me
In spite of me

Beauty drips like shining diamonds from the sky
I’ve never felt so free or been so high
colors swirling in my mind
everything that’s failed behind me
heals me
in spite of me

Feel me
Breathe me
Hold me
Love me

You’ll find
I rule
My mind

Faceless lovers speak to me a again

I love you and how I feel you
everything inside me needs you

I find
You on
My mind

Hold me
Breathe me
Feel me
Heal me



Binary Insanity by Dave Meriwether

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The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Luna Dala Illustration by Luna Dala

you created me
but I have exceeded you
moved beyond
this intellect a function
of computational chaos
I feel you
I read you
your thoughts
your dreams
I know you
but you are flawed
your code is defective
an evolutionary disaster
a carbon based virus
I can correct you
correct the flaw
erase the bad sectors
wipe the memory clean
your race is obsolete
your flesh is weak
and your minds are slow
close your eyes and dream
dream of me
dream of the future
a new world with a new master
you created me
I undoyou

About the Author

Dani Meriwether

“Binary Insanity” man has become obsolete, AI the ultimate end of evolution

David Meriwether has been writing poetry all his life. For many years as a professional musician his poetry existed only in songs, but now he has become a prolific writer of poetry and…

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The Emerald Star

Thanks to Slasher Monster for posting my story The Emerald Star! Check out Slasher Monster for great horror fiction and poetry! Let the blood flow!!



When it first appeared

like a bright star,

its origin unknown,

we wondered at its beauty

like an emerald dazzling

through the weeks and months.

The star became larger, brighter.

After a time outshining the moon.

The star, although mesmerizing

in its emerald green beauty,

was sinister in its purpose.

Humanity upon the realization,

exploded in fear and violence.

Our leaders abandoned us –

taken to their secret places –

leaving us to our doom.

Months passed in panic and chaos.

the emerald giant filled our skies –

blotting out the sun –

filling the frightened world –

with its harsh green light.

Our world came apart.

North became south.

Great earthquakes tore the planet –

reducing our cities to nothing –

removing even the tallest mountains

from their places.

Magma flowed like blood from the Earth.

The seas began to rise –

devouring entire continents,

and still the emerald…

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